A downloadable gAmE for Windows and macOS

Features: You got towers, people, guns, cars, music, bosses, banter, shapes, colours, story

The newly established dystopia of "New Canada" is being over run by the gang known as "Some Bad Boys". It is your task to take out their relays sending leaked nudes to Mayor McRonald. The relays are guarded by some of the Some Bad Boys, so take them out while you are there. They are located in the top of those buildings that you can walk into and climb. Those tower looking thingy's that fall down and float away are not the droids you are looking for. You aren't even looking for droids you are looking for relays, don't get so distracted.

Be careful not to hit civilians because they make some annoying ass sounds that you can't turn off but the bullets bounce around so it is kinda hard to avoid and then they run into things and get scared and scream some more. Not great people not sure why I want to help them.

Also traffic is kinda bad here so destroy cars if you can. They are my only escape driving crazy anyway.

Also beware that the leader of Some Bad Boys doesn't show up but if he does, just shoot at him while you play his little game.


WASD/Arrow Keys to move

Mouse to Look Around

Shift to run

Space to jump

Click to Shoot

C to advance text

E to interact with the 2 objects you can interact with

Made for the 'So Bad It's Good' game jam!

Audio sample from Kirin J Callinan - Big Enough


nsSA:CA now With Locking mouse!.zip 49 MB
NSSA:CA Now with Locking Mouse 18 MB
NSSA:CA Non locking Mouse And Capped Frame Rate 49 MB
Cyber Assassin Source Code 71 MB


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Game Of The Year

Ok, i really loved this i can't call it a game. The "So bad it's good" is overrated, some of the games were just bad and unfunctional, painful to play. 

But this documentary right here, is actually fun to play. It isn't painful or anything. It is just a joke. I hate jokes that are trying to be funny by being extremely bad, not even funny.

A good joke is not the one that is quality, it is the one which is actually funny. Like i actually hate everything people call memes in 2019. They might be funny, but they are funny for like 10 minutes and 5.64 seconds or something. This is actually pretty funny.

Like the "PooPooPeePee Man", this meme is extremely unpopular, but it is actually extremely freaking funny. It doesn't take any effort to make something like this, sure, but the result and it being funny pays off. 

The only thing that makes me sad and angry about it is the AAAAAAAAAAH memes, it isn't funny even ironically.

As a game it gets a 0,5/10. But as a joke and a project made just for fun it deserves a 7.

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