You are just a senile old man trying to get money for your scratch tickets. While strolling past the rich neighborhood you get an interesting idea, "Why not make them share their wealth... with you!" Sneak down the street, enter some houses and take some money while you are there. Just don't get caught! (I don't think that the home owners would like that you are sharing their wealth) You can avoid their gaze by hiding around corners and behind objects.

You called up your friend and they are waiting for you in their van at the end of the street. Get there with your cash and get out before you get caught, the you should be set for a couple months at least. You can always go back down the street and try your luck again, get some more money for yourself. But if you ever get caught all the money will be returned and you will be left with nothing.


A and D to move

F to enter and exit homes

J to peek into and out of homes and to get into the escape van

H to hide

K to pick pocket and pick up the cash

Made for Weekly Game Jam 47: Thief

Fourth game finished and released.


Thief In The Streets (Windows).zip 47 MB
Thief In The Streets (mac).zip 16 MB
Theif in the Streets Source Code 63 MB


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Thanks for playing my game! I will be sure to watch the video :)  This is currently a prototype, so there will be a bigger game (hopefully) on the way!